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Real Estate Selling The Incredible Advantages of a Custom Website When Selling Real Estate

When selling real estate today, it has become imperative that your property have its own website. When someone asks me why this is the case, I say, “there are so many reasons I can’t count them all.”

In this article is my attempt at listing as many of the incredible benefits of having your own custom home-for-sale or property-for-sale website as I can think of. If you can think of some I missed I hope you will let me know.

Here it is, my list of the incredible advantages of having your own custom website when selling real estate:

  1. It reflects your personality and character, and that of your property
  2. It can have the design, the colors, the look and the feel that you find most desirable
  3. It will show big, bright, beautiful professional photographs that you have taken
  4. It can have as many or as few features and “bells and whistles” as you would like
  5. It can be changed over time to test new features and drop features that are not working
  6. You can obtain website visitor statistics using Google Analytics to track where visitors come from
  7. It will have internal keyword optimization that is custom designed for your property, including titles, title tags, meta tags and so on
  8. There is no limit to the number of photographs or the number of pages you can add to your website
  9. It can be made so distinctive that it stands out from the crowd and is noticed online
  10. It can develop its own backlink structure through advanced linking techniques that will bring added search engine traffic
  11. It can reflect the latest trends in website design features so it never looks “out of date”
  12. It can be extremely clean and clutter free and easy to navigate – which visitors will love
  13. You can add interactivity that captivates visitors, such as a blog, videos, a survey, and so on
  14. You can submit the site as a stand-alone site to hundreds of internet directories and search engines
  15. You can have your own keyword-rich domain name which will attract more search traffic
  16. You can coordinate design with content, titles and domain names to create a powerful brand for your property
  17. You can set up your own email capture form and use it to create a follow-up email list
  18. You can automatically follow-up with all visitors since you will have a customized visitor list, thereby multiplying your chances of finding a buyer very quickly

How to Determine If a Realtor Properly Uses the Internet to Sell Properties

Many people right now are unsure of the best way to sell their homes. They are faced with the choice of for sale by owner (FSBO) versus listing the property with a real estate agent.

If you decide to list your home with a Realtor because you think that will bring you a quicker sale, then you still are faced with a daunting task: How to choose from among the many dozens of real estate agents and brokerages to work with.

If you decide on a Realtor because of his or her marketing capabilities for your property you will want to verify this before signing a listing agreement.

The listing agreement is a legal contract which obligates you to pay the real estate brokerage 5% or 6% of your home’s sale price if it is sold during a specified time period, such as 9 months.

Because this contract locks you in for so long, it is worth your while to take more time on the front end to research and analyze the marketing capabilities of each Realtor you are considering.

There are several things you will want to look at when deciding on a Realtor to list your home with.

  1. You want to know if the Realtor will market your property specifically. Most realty websites and ad campaigns do not market specific properties but instead market their own businesses. What is more likely to happen is your property will be included with dozens (or even hundreds) of other properties and therefore not be visible to internet search traffic.
  2. You want to know if your Realtor’s website receives a good amount of traffic in the form of interested home buyers. There are over 10 million real estate searches every month in the United States. How many of them end up on your Realtor’s website?

The fact is most Realtor websites were set up under the “Field of Dreams” approach to web marketing: If you build it they will come. This doesn’t work. Every Realtor has to work hard to get web traffic to his or her website.

Add questions about websites and internet traffic to your Realtor interview questionnaire. Any savvy internet business person will have documentation of their website traffic to show you. If they don’t, that is your first big red flag that the Realtor is more talk than action.

Private Real Estate

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into selling your Private Real Estate? I hear that agents work 7 days a week 12 hours a day selling property. If an agent were to sell around 15 Private Real Estates at any given time, then they would spend about 6 hours on average per property. The commission rate is around 2% plus any advertising fees. Effectively the agent is earning around $2,500.00 per hour. Pretty good if you ask me.

When you sell your own home would you earn $2,500.00 per hour? Good chance you wouldn’t have the knowledge requirements agents have accumulated over the years. Therefore would you agree that the agent is worth every penny they earn given their levels of expertise in the industry.

What does a agent do that a home owner can’t?

The agent will prepare your home for sale. Actually, the home owner does most the work. A home owner will clean and tidy up the house, the garden and de-clutter the place. You will even find that some Private Real Estate owners will do a few touch ups around the home that require maintenance.

“Sale Contracts” are also required to be drawn up. An agent will organize this. This is done by contacting the Home Owners conveyance or legal representative and have them put together the document. An agent will never put pen to paper your lawyer will.

An agent will also need to organize the For Sale board and Photographers and prepare all the necessary brochures. They will also need to write a brief description about your property and place ads online. Bare in mind for as little as $270.00 there are companies that can do all that for you when it is time to Sell Your Own Home.

An agent will conduct open for inspections, follow up on prospective buyers and negotiate the sale price. Well, in fact anyone could handle this simple process and if you handle this you might even get much better service and managing the buyer enquiry as you will most likely have a better response about your own home.

In recent research conducted in NSW, Australia found that “more often the seller will get a better price than previously quoted by an agent”. This will be because the sale price will be of more importance to the seller compared with the Real Estate agent.