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Holiday Homes and What to Do in Investing in One

Buying a holiday home may be something you should consider. Of course, you just need to make sure that you do it right. in addition to the cost, there will be other things you need to take into consideration. Several factors will need to be taken into consideration first when it comes to the matter. Here are some of the things you will need to know when it comes down to it.

Looking into a holiday home is one of the easiest ways of getting this done. You will find many different benefits when it comes to this kind of investment. Aside from all the enjoyment you can get from it, making money would also be a benefit you can get from the property. Making sure that you are not too far away from it would be important in order for you to not have any hassles when you collect the rent from your tenant. Of course, it will also be easier for you to keep maintenance when it comes to this. Here are things you should know about this.

One of the most important things you will need to take into account when it comes to this is the location of the holiday home. Getting a holiday home in ideal places would be the best thing you can do.

Being careful in the matter is also something you need to make sure of. You can either choose a location along your daily route or a place where you can easily drive to get to. With this, you can easily take care of things that need to be handled. Naturally, the choice will still be up to you if you want something that is far away.

When it comes to maintenance matters, having a holiday home in a gated community would be the best course of action. When it comes to this, you will be able to get a lot of benefits from it. You can make sure that your holiday home is in top condition at all times with this. When it comes to investing in a holiday home, here is another thing you need to understand.

When it comes to the best way of getting back what you paid for the holiday home, renting it out would be idea. Buying a property that is more expensive is also something you should take into consideration. A more expensive property will basically allow you to charge more money when it comes down to it. When it comes to this investment, you will find it to be initially big. Of course, it will be worth it at the end of the day. You will have no problem with this as long as you do your homework.

Joe Manausa Exclusively Endorsed by Lead Singer of Rascal Flatts, Gary LeVox


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Joe Manausa, MBA, is proud to announce that he is now exclusively endorsed in Tallahassee by the lead singer of Rascal Flatts, Gary LeVox. This market-exclusive radio endorsement also incorporates the music of Rascal Flatts, featuring “I’m Moving On,” which was awarded “Song of the Year” at the 38th annual Academy of Country Music awards in 2002. The full ad, combined with video, can be seen on YouTube at

Joe has been listing and selling homes in Tallahassee since 1991 and has built a very strong real estate company that is earning high marks from its customers. Whether buying a home or selling or both, Joe Manausa Real Estate customers have written more five-star reviews for his services on sites like Google and Facebook than have those of all other real estate agents in Tallahassee combined.

This new exclusive marketing campaign is designed to help home sellers in Tallahassee move on and start packing!

The concept for using the song “I’m Moving On” to endorse Joe began when marketing legend Matt Wagner expressed a desire to help home sellers ease the stress of moving into their next home, and connect them with top real estate agents that can help them handle the challenges associated with buying or selling their home. Matt introduced Joe to Gary, and we hope our market enjoys the ad. It’s a great song and a great message from one of the most identifiable voices in Nashville.

The blend of I’m Moving On’s melody and heartfelt lyrics, combined with LeVox’s personal endorsement, takes radio’s ability to create theater of the mind to a whole new level of influence with country format listeners.

The Gary LeVox “I’m Moving On” endorsement campaign debuted in Tallahassee on radio station 103.1 The Wolf on Monday, March 13, 2017.

“We’re truly proud to receive this endorsement from country music legend Gary LeVox,” Manausa said. “As the listing agent Tallahassee residents rate the most highly, there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping others ‘move on’ to even bigger and better things. Whether you’d like to Sell your home in Tallahassee or buy one, we’re always ready to help, and we think this new partnership with Gary is going to help get the word out.”

Rascal Flatts stats:

  • 23.4 million album sales
  • 33.7 million downloads
  • 16 #1 songs
  • 40 industry awards
  • 5.9 million Facebook followers
  • New Rascal Flatts album “Back To Us” scheduled for release May 19
  • Lead single from the new album entitled “Yours If You Want It” was the most added single on country radio in 2017

About Joe Manausa Real Estate:
As the best-reviewed real estate agency in the Tallahassee area, Joe Manausa Real Estate offers a full range of top-quality services that help sellers and buyers achieve their goals.

GAS Up Your Real Estate Selling

  • If you are a realtor or real estate agent, you may be facing some significant challenges due to the current real estate industry trends within the housing market. Possibly you are thinking you may need to hone your real estate selling skills? Well, then, considering starting with these three:
  • Goals
  • Attitudes
  • Self Leadership Skills
  • Improving your selling skills is simply about achieving your sales goals. Goal setting is a skill that many have, but far fewer have a goal achieving skill that equals their goal setting endeavors.
  • Consider taking a goal setting course that utilizes both a proven goal setting process and proven goal setting tools. Goal setting training is not usually found in most training and development including real estate training.
  • Great positive attitudes will keep you going when the going gets rough. Attitudes are simply speaking habits of thought.
  • Are your thoughts positive or negative?
  • Do you set yourself up for failure by having a lot of negative brain noise?
  • Do you know how to change the Don’t Attitude record to the Do Attitude one?
  • To keep the goals and attitudes moving forward requires a tremendous amount of Self Leadership Skills. These strong interpersonal skills include what some call soft skills.
  • Effective real estate selling skills are about developing strong relationships between potential buyers and sellers. To maintain these relationships demands great communication skills, outstanding problem solving skills and effective time management skills just to name a few.
  • If you truly wish to improve your real estate selling skills, then consider changing G.A.S.. The results just truly may be amazing.

Westland Michigan Real Estate

There are some truly beautiful properties available in the Westland Michigan real estate market, for less than $500,000. The median price for homes in the Westland MI real estate listings is $140,900, less than that of nearby Livonia and far less than the median price in Ann Arbor, which is only a 30 minute drive away.

The Westland Michigan real estate market covers an area of some 20 square miles in Wayne County, about 16 miles from Detroit. It has been referred to as the “place to be” and a “City of Pride, Progress and Promise”. Even though many of the neighboring cities have seen financial crisis and shortfalls during the last several years, Westland has continuously been able to “balance the budget” and increase surpluses, without any interruption to city services.

If you are having trouble selling Westland MI real estate, you are not alone. Nearly 500 properties are currently in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure status. A foreclosure can be devastating to your credit rating and could make it very difficult for you to ever own another home. If you are facing a foreclosure situation, there is help.

On the flip side, you may be interested in buying, not selling, Westland MI real estate, but fear that past credit issues will hold you back. Many banks and lenders have implemented standards making it more difficult for bruised credit buyers to qualify for a mortgage, especially after the subprime market collapsed. Experts in the area say that at least part of the blame for the “slow” real estate market goes to lenders fearing bad loans.

But despite this, people with past credit issues can own a home in the Westland Michigan real estate market or elsewhere in the state. The solution is to buy a home on a rent to own basis. This allows you to live in a home of your choice, while improving and repairing your credit. If you have reliable employment, a few thousand for a downpayment and can afford the monthly payments, then you should be able to buy your own home. It may take a little time and a little help from people like mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, and real estate investors, but you should be able to qualify for a conventional mortgage by the time your lease option term is up.

There are many reasons to buy Westland MI real estate. Property values will likely increase as economic issues throughout the state improve. Real estate is always a good investment. Paying rent for years leaves you with only a bunch of rent receipts and no ownership equity. On the other hand, as you make your monthly mortgage payments and the value of your home increases, you have invested in your future and the future of your family.

Tampa Real Estate

Indeed, making a sale in Tampa real estate investing is quite stressful and tough.

At this stage of investment, there can be some point that things can go wrong. And making a profit depends so such on having a smooth and rapid sale. Worrying can be felt until that deal is not close yet. And worrying will surely occur if you choose to avoid the expertise of a real estate agent and just wanted to sell the property on your own.

A real estate agent or broker can be a great help in making a sale. But of course, in hiring a real estate agent requires some costs. A huge brokerage commissions makes a lot of investors turn off to the idea of hiring a real estate agent and just do the selling process on their own. In doing so, the investors believe that they will have an increasing residual income. If you truly wanted to sell your property on your own and don’t want to hire a real estate agent, better to take these steps into consideration.

So in terms of selling your property and making your first investment in Tampa real estate, it is better to calculate the asking price of the property. It is wiser to hire a professional appraiser, in order for him or her to price the property or look out for the sale prices of the comparable property in the same area. And this comparing with other Tampa real estate properties is typically done in the court house. In making or calculating the asking price, you have to consider the current Tampa real estate market, either lowering your price or maybe obtaining bigger than the market value of the property, these all depends on the current market of Tampa real estate. So it is better to be informed about the current condition of the Tampa real estate market.

As soon as you come up with the price, next thing to do is to market your property. In marketing your property, it involves advertising and showing the property to potential buyers individually and at the open houses. Also one way of advertising your property is by putting a ‘for sale’ sign outside your property.

In this stage, you need to contact an attorney in order for him or her to prepare the purchase contract forms needed. And this contract should be signed up by you and the buyer as soon as come up to a negotiation.

Right after the negotiation, the actual work will begin. It is time for closing the deal, and this is the toughest part. In performing the closing deal, better to hire middle man who will help you in taking payments and the likes. At this period, you need to provide the buyer the necessary paperwork with disclosure statements and he or she will provide you with loan commitment letter. Then, you need to meet with the buyer and the middle man or escrow company to sign all the paperwork, pay the closing fees to the escrow company, and even pay off the mortgage and other taxes to be paid.

Yes, the closing the deal is the toughest and busiest part of selling your investment property in Tampa real estate. But amidst of all the stress and hard work, this stage is the most exciting part. This is the part that all of your hard work will be worth it, since you end up with profits in your hands. That’s actually what makes Tampa real estate investing an exciting one.

Real Estate Selling Homes

Business ventures beget risks. But risks, with hard work (of course), beget success. And if you work really hard in a business, then success means big bucks.

One business venture that undeniably poses huge risks is the real estate business, for one must invest a relatively large amount of money in the buying and maintaining real estate properties, but once sold, profits are really more than rewarding. A factor that would undeniably have an effect on a real estate business is the location of the real estate properties. When a prospective buyer comes to buy a real estate property, he would not just consider the terms of agreement, he would not just consider if the property is in good conditions, he would consider, as a big factor, if the real estate property is in a good location. For homebuyers, a good and safe neighbourhood is really important, since his family will be raised in that neighbourhood. For commercial spaces on the other hand, a strategic location is important, if it’s close to potential customers.

Fort Lauderdale real estate offers both prospective buyers of residential houses and commercial spaces a wide variety of selection that would suit their needs and even exceed their expectations. As a popular tourist destination, it has a high potential for businesses that would especially cater for tourists needs. For homebuyers, on the other hand, well, who would not love to live in a popular tourist destination? With that said, it is unarguable that the Fort Lauderdale real estate market is a good place to invest your savings, for profit will be good once it returns.

The Fort Lauderdale Real Estate hosts a lot of real estate brokers that can expertly extend you with their services. But knowing something about the stuff would be a great help for you to be able to make the most out of your investments. While choosing houses to invest, for example, you might want also to consider other peoples preferences and not just yours. It does not mean that you do not like this or that does not mean that everyone else does, too. The Fort Lauderdale real estate market offers a wide variety of choices that you are sure to find the house that will suit you and (by your judgement) your prospective buyer’s preferences. Remember that you will eventually sell the property, and if your preferences might not exactly be what others want, then you will have a tough time looking for buyers. However, it does not hurt of course to buy a house that you yourself would love, who knows if you will also want to keep it. If you finally decide to buy a house, make sure that the prices are relatively low, so when you finally sell it (and when the prices have gone up), you will really have a large profit. Do not want worry about the selling, the reputation of Fort Lauderdale is in itself a marketable appeal for the house that you are selling.

Why Some Norcross Georgia Real Estate

You’ve seen it first hand, but you may not what causes it. Why do some Norcross Georgia real estate properties sell quickly while others remain on the market for months as their price steadily declines? Many people initially point fingers at the housing market or the qualities of the home itself. However, top Atlanta area real estate professionals can consistently sell high volumes of homes year after year, regardless of circumstance. So why exactly causes this phenomenon?

The answer lies not in the home or market conditions, but in the quality of the real estate agent. A real estate agent is, first and foremost, a salesperson–and not all salespeople are created equally. When you entrust your home to a talented sales person with a proven success record, you’re much more likely to sell your home quickly and for more money than you would by choosing a Norcross Georgia real estate agent that simply understands Atlanta real estate law.

This is particularly true in a declining market. When buyers become scarce, only the most skilled real estate sales agents survive. While less-skilled agents resort to dropping prices in order to sell homes, top sellers look for more creative ways to connect with motivated buyers and more ways to add value to the buyer’s experience.

If you’re serious about selling your Norcross Georgia real estate quickly and for a deserving asking price, consider interviewing potential real estate agents carefully. What you’ll want to look for isn’t impressive billboards or large Yellow Pages ads. You may not necessarily even want to rely on a friend’s referral whose home sold quickly in a hot Atlanta real estate market. Instead, you’ll want to look at the real estate agent’s success record before you hire someone to sell your home.

Atlanta area real estate agents that have continuously sold 40 or more homes, year after year, regardless of external influence, are those who are among the top-skilled sales people in the United States. Statistically speaking, most real estate agents sell only 2-5 properties per year! Not only does a record of selling more properties mean that an agent has more experience, but it also shows that he or she understands the essence of sales when it comes to Atlanta real estate.

When talking to Atlanta real estate agents about past successes, be sure to inquire about the number of properties they have personally sold within the last 12 months. Agents with less-than-stellar numbers will often quote the number of homes sold by the agency during a given time period. Agency numbers don’t reveal much about the odds that the individual real estate can sell your home on your terms.

If you’re serious about selling your home, you’ll want to uncover measurable statistics about the real estate agent’s that you’re considering. While top-performing real estate agents aren’t often those who offer bargain commission rates, the extra you’ll pay in commissions will almost always be far less than the amount you’ll gain by selling your home at an honorable asking price. Top quality agents understand how to sell homes using methods other than reducing price.

Real Estate Selling

If you are trying to sell a vacation home today you are facing a difficult challenge. There are fewer buyers out there, and there is even less mortgage money available for those who might want to buy. Because times are difficult for real estate sellers you will want to do everything possible to find a buyer. Whether you are selling FSBO or with a Realtor you still need to take responsibility for the marketing of your property.

Realtors using marketing methods from the past will not be as successful for those who are using the marketing methods of the future. In the future more and more real estate will be marketed, viewed and sold on the internet. The #1 Secret for you to sell your vacation property quickly is to take full advantage of all of the promotional and advertising outlets online. You should have a total web marketing strategy for your property.

What a Total Web Marketing Strategy Will Do for You:

  1. Make sure your property is highly ranked on all major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  2. Add your vacation property’s custom website into a network of social media websites, forums, and networking sites, giving you widespread exposure.
  3. Utilize videos and audios to bring hundreds of prospective buyers to your property website.
  4. Create custom flyers for your property and distribute them through targeted networks.
  5. Capture email information from all traffic to your property’s custom website and put them into a follow up system that converts visitors into buyers.

A Total Web Marketing Program for your property will bring you many prospective buyers if done correctly, so be sure to seek out professional help to take full advantage of the opportunities.

The Law of Attraction and Commercial Real Estate

When you work as a salesperson in commercial real estate, nothing is better than to have clients and prospects call you to list their quality property for sale. So how can you create this “Real Estate Law of Attraction”, and optimise it in your career in the property industry? Are you up for the battle?

Your progress in attracting more property market share and listings emanates from your personal actions and focus on a daily basis. So many real estate salespeople in the industry really struggle here, and yet they do not have to. They have a choice, and the reality is they are in control of their success in any market and even the tough one we have at the moment.

To get more listings you have to know more of these people:

  • Property Investors
  • Property Owners
  • Landlords of rented property
  • Tenants in leased property
  • Properties and tenants on a street by street basis
  • Large and successful businesses in your area that own or rent property
  • Local accountants who could have property investment clients
  • Property Solicitors in your area
  • Planning officers

Now this list may not be new to you and you may say that you know these people. Here are a couple of questions that I would like you to think about:

  1. Do you really know these people on a reasonable personal level?
  2. Will they take your call or return your call when you make it?
  3. Can you say what the plans of the key people in the list really are?
  4. Can you say what planning changes and property supply coming up will impact the market?

These 4 questions are foundational to knowing your market fully and building the right business out of it. Many salespeople may indeed know who a prospect or property owner is, but generally they have failed to establish a great relationship with them.

How often have you seen another agent’s property sale sign go up on a property that is known to you and you were only taking to the client or landlord last month or last week (and they said nothing to you about the property sale)? Frustration is common in the industry and this is something you will not totally avoid. Importantly you should get to a position in the local property market where you get more than your fair share of good property listings and that you are the dominant real estate agent with the best listings and best clients.

So the “Real Estate Law of Attraction” when it comes to commercial real estate sales is centred on constant and regular contact with the property people that matter in your local area. The great advantage is that many if not most commercial salespeople do not systematically canvass their market, their streets, and their prospects. They do not make the calls and contact every day. This is where you can be better than the rest.

Make it a rule to personally contact all the relevant people in your database each 90 days without fail. When the selected people have an active property need coming up then simply lift the frequency of contact to monthly. Fill your pipeline of contact with new and fresh people every day. Drop out the dead contacts so you can improve your prospect quality in the pipeline.

The conversions for prospects to potential clients happen on average after the 3rdor 4thcontact with the same person. It may take you that long to get a meeting with those that you target. Most of your competition agents are not sufficiently organised to do that on a 90 day cycle. Set up your model of constant contact and it will become your “Real Estate Law of Attraction”.

Real Estate Selling Season

Selling a home in today’s market is tough. The question is when is the best time to sell and market a home? The answer is Spring. Fact is that most home buyers start looking at potential homes to buy during the spring season. There are many reasons for this.

  • They have been dreaming of a home all winter but it’s been too cold to browse neighborhoods.
  • Buyers would like to enjoy their summer in their new home.
  • Buyers with kids would like to be settled in before the school season starts.

These are just some of the reasons why Spring is considered the peak selling season. Now what steps should you take in selling your home?

  1. Contact a Realtor to give you a detailed analysis of current market trends.
  2. Hire an Inspector to identify any repairs that should be made.
  3. Hire a handy man to make all minor repairs and put a fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside of the house. Buyers tend to like homes that are well kept.
  4. Make sure your Realtor is aggressive in marketing your home online. 88% of home buyers use the internet as their main tool when looking for a home.

These are just some basic tips to prepare your home for a sale.

What is your Goal?

  • To maximize selling price?
  • To sell quickly?
  • Do you need to move fast?
  • Do you need money for a down payment of a new home?
  • How competitive do you want to be versus other homes on the market?

For Sale by Owner or a Realtor?

This is an interesting topic. It is a well known fact that Realtors earn good money when a home is sold. Why is that? The simple answer is that a Realtor is a person who has made it their profession helping people to buy and sell real estate. They are like Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, CPA’s and Athletes.

Realtors need to be licensed by the state. This is because Real Estate is complex and tends to be a persons largest financial expenditure in their life time. So what do they do?

  • Realtors stay focused on Current Market Conditions.
  • They Market your home in a way that will attract the most buyers possible.
  • Help you strategize on the best way to market and sell your home.
  • Realtors spend money to market a property.
  • Organize open houses.
  • While you are at work they are working to sell your home.
  • When offers come in they can screen the serious buyers from the casual buyers.

Why not sell it on your own?

  • Selling a home with a professional can take an average of 3 to 6 months. Selling a home on your own can take over a year or more.
  • Realtors know how to negotiate for the maximum value of your home.
  • Buyers know that you are looking to save the commission by not using a Realtor and tend to come in with very low ball offers.
  • Statistically Realtors are more successful at selling a home faster and for more money.
  • Do you really have time to handle all the logistical aspects of selling a home?
  • Realtors work with other Realtors to get deals done. Example: In my MLS organization there are over 7000 Realtors and the average Realtor is working with 3 Buyer Clients at any given time. That means they have access to a total of 21,000 buyers in total.
  • How many Buyers do you have access too?