Real Estate Selling The Incredible Advantages of a Custom Website When Selling Real Estate

When selling real estate today, it has become imperative that your property have its own website. When someone asks me why this is the case, I say, “there are so many reasons I can’t count them all.”

In this article is my attempt at listing as many of the incredible benefits of having your own custom home-for-sale or property-for-sale website as I can think of. If you can think of some I missed I hope you will let me know.

Here it is, my list of the incredible advantages of having your own custom website when selling real estate:

  1. It reflects your personality and character, and that of your property
  2. It can have the design, the colors, the look and the feel that you find most desirable
  3. It will show big, bright, beautiful professional photographs that you have taken
  4. It can have as many or as few features and “bells and whistles” as you would like
  5. It can be changed over time to test new features and drop features that are not working
  6. You can obtain website visitor statistics using Google Analytics to track where visitors come from
  7. It will have internal keyword optimization that is custom designed for your property, including titles, title tags, meta tags and so on
  8. There is no limit to the number of photographs or the number of pages you can add to your website
  9. It can be made so distinctive that it stands out from the crowd and is noticed online
  10. It can develop its own backlink structure through advanced linking techniques that will bring added search engine traffic
  11. It can reflect the latest trends in website design features so it never looks “out of date”
  12. It can be extremely clean and clutter free and easy to navigate – which visitors will love
  13. You can add interactivity that captivates visitors, such as a blog, videos, a survey, and so on
  14. You can submit the site as a stand-alone site to hundreds of internet directories and search engines
  15. You can have your own keyword-rich domain name which will attract more search traffic
  16. You can coordinate design with content, titles and domain names to create a powerful brand for your property
  17. You can set up your own email capture form and use it to create a follow-up email list
  18. You can automatically follow-up with all visitors since you will have a customized visitor list, thereby multiplying your chances of finding a buyer very quickly

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